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Dainty Ametrine "Balance & Connection" Gemstone Bracelet

Dainty Ametrine "Balance & Connection" Gemstone Bracelet

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Extension 925 Chain
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Ametrine is the "Stone of Balance & Connection" and is said to have the following healing properties:

* Balances the masculine and feminine energies
* Purifies the ego
* Helps alleviate the feelings of depression, anxiety and stress
* Helps reset an addictive mindset

Delicately designed with a minimalist touch, these bracelets feature dainty 2mm faceted beads that exude a subtle yet captivating sparkle.

Choose from our selection of 70 handcrafted sterling silver charms, each one uniquely stamped with a personal touch just for you. Head to the "Add-On" section of our shop to add your customisable charm.

Each piece is meticulously threaded on durable wire, ensuring resilience for everyday wear, while sterling silver clasps add a touch of elegance and secure closure.

Embrace the harmonious blend of beauty and functionality with these bracelets, curated to adorn your wrist with both style and the gentle energy of healing crystals.

Each dainty stacking bracelet comes carefully gift-wrapped in an eco-friendly pouch, ready to gift to a loved one, or for yourself.

Thanks so much for visiting my shop!

Robyn xx

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