About Ula Jewellery

My journey into silversmithing began with a love for hunting seaglass along the Cornish Coast. With a surplus of seaglass at hand (because any seaglass lover knows how addictive it is!), I ventured into crafting jewellery, thus giving birth to Ula Jewellery. Over time, my fascination expanded to include the enchanting world of gemstones, deepening my connection to this craft.

In this creative journey, I'm accompanied by two invaluable companions. Jon, my fiancé, doubles as my right-hand man, mastering essential tasks to aid me during demanding periods. His adeptness extends to capturing breathtaking aerial views with his drone, which I will be sharing more of here soon.

And then there's Bligh, my charmingly eccentric black Labrador, who adds her own unique flair to the team. While I jest that she serves as my quality control inspector, her primary duties seem to revolve around eating, sleeping and ball.

Your presence here is deeply appreciated. Don't hesitate to connect with us via the provided contact information. Whether through our contact page or directly at ulajewellery@gmail.com, I eagerly await your messages.

With heartfelt gratitude, Robyn xx

How Ula Jewellery is Eco Friendly

Welcome to Ula Jewellery, where sustainability meets sophistication. At Ula Jewellery, we are committed to embodying eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our craft. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in our meticulous selection of materials and our innovative approach to design.

At the heart of our ethos lies the principle of using only 100% recycled metals, ensuring that our creations leave a minimal ecological footprint. Additionally, our commitment to ethical sourcing extends to our raw diamonds, which are conflict-free, and our gemstones, which are carefully and responsibly procured.

But our eco-consciousness doesn't stop there. We believe in making the most of every resource, which is why we transform the off-cuts of silver into charming necklaces adorned with celestial symbology and bohemian stamping. Each piece is imbued with uniqueness and sustainability, reflecting our dedication to reducing waste while creating one-of-a-kind treasures.

Furthermore, we extend our environmental stewardship to our packaging, ensuring that even the smallest details align with our values. Our gift wrap and packaging materials are eco-friendly, and yes, even our tape is consciously chosen for its minimal impact on the planet.

At Ula Jewellery, we don't just create accessories; we craft stories of sustainability, elegance, and conscience. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future, where beauty and responsibility go hand in hand.