June Birthstone

Known as "The Stone of New Begginings," Rainbow Moonstone is one of the most popular gemstones, with links to fertility and balancing hormones.

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Ula Jewellery takes inspiration from the raw energy of crashing waves, the serenity of sandy coves and the treasures found along Cornwall's dramatic coastline.

What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. We proudly use 100% recycled sterling silver, ensuring that each creation not only sparkles with beauty but also carries the whisper of environmental consciousness. Every piece is a testament to our dedication to preserving the natural world that inspires us.

Indulge your wanderlust spirit and adorn yourself with jewellery that mirrors your soul's journey.

Welcome to Ula Jewellery, where every piece tells a story of connection, exploration, and the timeless allure of the bohemian spirit.