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Bohemian Style Labradorite Stacking Ring

Bohemian Style Labradorite Stacking Ring

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Labradorite is the "Stone of Magic" and you can see why! It is known for having the following properties:

* Aids mental clarity
* Helps wearer sleep peacefully
* Provides protection to the aura
* The stone of Magic

This gemstone is great if you suffer from insomnia! It's difficult to capture the blue flash that creeps across the surface of this rose-cut crystal! It is a high quality and ethically sourced gemstone.

Everything in my shop has been hand-crafted by myself with great care, in my little workshop here in Cornwall.

The ring is made with 100% recycled sterling silver and has been hand stamped with Aztec stamps for a unique bohemian style.

The ring is a size Q (UK) and comes in an eco-friendly gift box.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message and get in touch, Robyn xx

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