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Dainty Aquamarine "Gem of the Sea" Gemstone Anklet | March Birthstone

Dainty Aquamarine "Gem of the Sea" Gemstone Anklet | March Birthstone

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This Aqua-Marine crystal beaded necklace is said to have the following properties:

* Eases worry
* Gives the wearer strength and courage when experiencing grief
* Assists self-healing
* Relieves Stress

Aqua-Marine is also the birthstone for March.

These particular beads are faceted for a little extra sparkle.

Anklets come with a sterling silver clasp (8mm), gift-wrapped in an eco-friendly gift bag.

My beaded bracelets, anklets and necklaces are all hand-threaded on a strong cord with sterling silver end caps and connecting loops.

Each anklet is custom-made for each order, so let me know your size requirements when ordering, or a standard 10 inches in length (UK Medium) will be sent.

I try to use eco-friendly products wherever possible, this includes postal packaging.

I started making jewellery for IVF warriors after my own fertility treatment. I wanted to make something that women can wear as a symbol of the strength needed for the treatment, whilst balancing hormones and easing pain. I also work with crystals and gemstones said to help with fertility issues such as endometriosis and PCOS, these are all subjects close to my heart, and I want to help those who are going through the same difficulties.

After many requests, I expanded my gemstone collection to help with other problems that people wanted help with, such as anxiety, focus, luck and balance.

You can find my full range of gemstones with each of their healing properties on the link below:

You can find out more about what I do by visiting my website:

Thanks so much for visiting my shop!

Robyn xx

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